The goal in today’s activity is to see if your Lil’ can identify a pattern scheme. This means we don’t just want them to recreate or add on to a pattern, but rather we want them to replicate the pattern scheme using different materials than in the original pattern.
Grab a FREE copy of the Hero Patterns Template HERE.

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Complete a pattern using alternative materials with adult assistance (when given green –blue green –blue pattern complete it by replacing green with triangles and blue with hearts)

Required Materials

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Hero Patterns Template


Step #1
Print and cut out the Hero Patterns Template.
Step #2
Use the pattern chips to replicate the pattern scheme on one pattern strip.
For instance, if the pattern strip goes police, soldier, police, soldier.
You could replicate it using the pattern chips; bag, hat, bag, hat.
You may have to model this for your Lil’.

Teacher Tip

If replicating the pattern schemes is too difficult for your Lil’ you can use the pattern chips to copy/match the pattern strips.


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