Scavenger hunts are a thing over here. My kids are 1 million percent motivated by running around the house looking for something specific. And if I make it a contest, even better because Rea is determined to win, and D will do anything his sister does.

I sent Reagan on a mission to find all the different parts of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You can totally do hands-on without any templates and just send your kids to find dolls, stuffed bears, and furniture in your house. Or if you’re one of those prefers a template, I feel you and I have one for you.

This activity will engage your preschoolers in gross motor skills and reading comprehension skills as they recall the details of the story.

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Recall details from a text that was read aloud

Gross Motor Skills

  • Use locomotor skills with balance in a variety of directions and changing directions during active play
  • Use locomotor skills with coordination in a variety of directions and changing directions during active play

Required Materials

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Scavenger Hunt Template



Step #1

If you’re using a template, print and cut out the template and hide the picture pieces around the house.

Step #2

Invite your preschooler to find each picture/element of the story.

Step #3

You can also combine the template and toy props by sending your preschooler around the house to find and label each element of the story. For example, encourage them to find a baby doll for Goldilocks and sit her on the picture of Goldilocks.

Teacher Tip

To make it a little more challenging, you could separate the picture and the written words then invite your preschooler to match each picture they find to the corresponding written word. This will help your child begin to read and for our younger kiddos who are not at all ready to begin reading, it shows them that letters come together to form words which hold meaning.

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