Teaching our Lil’s to love reading is one of the most important things we can do for them. The majority of your Lil’s education will be driven by reading (even the math and sciences) which makes it an invaluable skill. Thus, inspiring your Lil’ to love reading will set them up for educational success.
So how do you inspire them to love reading? Simple…
Then read some more.
And when you’re done, read some more.

Required Materials

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*Gingerbread Friends

Step #1
“Gingerbread Friends” by Jan Brett is a charming and fun book that will inspire your inner baker and remind your Lil’ about the importance of friendship.
Remember, the first time you read a book should be for enjoyment and since our book this month is about a gingerbread baby, grab a cookie and some milk for your Lil’ to snack on as you read!

Teacher Tip

Jan Brett is a WONDERFUL children’s author who writes beautiful books that take place in winter.

Some of our winter favorites are The Mitten, The Hat, Gingerbread Baby, and Trouble with Trolls.


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