Let me introduce you to my new favorite sensory tool EVER!


In order to add an element of fun to this activity I decided to try out water beads for the first time. They are INCREDIBLE! My husband and I played with them for a solid 20 -30 minutes when we first opened them (without our children). And then Rea played with them for 20 minutes too, and our littlest guy figured out how to crawl in order to play with these things! They are fun and relaxing to play with and as long as you can keep them contained in a bowl or tub they are mess free!

Any who, I put these water beads in our Diving for Letters activity for a little sensory fun!

Lil’ Explorers you can grab a FREE copy of our Diving for Letters Template HERE!

Lil’ Creators you can grab a FREE copy of our Diving for Letters Template HERE!

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Identify the letters in name
  • Can identify all capital letters and some sounds (C, M, A, T, L, P)
  • Recognizes name

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  1. Recognizes name
  2. Identify the letters in name
  3. Can identify all capital letters and most sounds (B,F, L, P, J, O)
  4. Recognize sight words (I, my, you, is, are, the, of, and, can, like)

Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

*Plastic Tub

*Water Beads

*Magnet Letters

Lil' Explorers Diving For Letters Template

Lil' Creators Diving For Letters Template


Step #1

Fill a plastic tub with water and a small handful of water beads. These beads soak up a TON of water and we want them to have plenty of room to float in the water. Also the beads may take a couple hours to fully fill, so consider that in your lesson prep timeline.

Step #2

Once the water beads are ready add the magnet letters to the tub.

Lil’ Explorers will need the letters – C, M, A, T, L, P and the letters of their name.

Lil’ Creators will need the letters – L, P, O, F, B, J, T, H, E, I, S, M, Y, U and the letters of their name.

Step #3

Cut out the fish from the templates.

The blank fish should be placed together to represent the letters of your Lil’s name. You will write one letter on each fish to spell out your Lil’s name.

The sight words should be cut out as one piece (Lil’ Creators only).

The individual letters can be left on the one sheet of paper.

Step #4

Invite your Lil’ to come over and dive for the letters.

Encourage them to find a specific letter and to spell out their name or the sight words in order rather than randomly selecting a letter and matching it to the template.

Teacher Tip

Allow your Lil’ to explore with the water balls for a little bit before encouraging them to start the activity. The water beads are awesome and if your don’t give them the opportunity to explore them first you will be fighting with them the entire activity.


What do you think? How did this activity go for you? Share with us!