Our dinosaur cookies can be pure yumminess and they can also be an opportunity for you to teach your Lil’ about cooking, measuring, and self-care.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills

Speaking & Listening

  • Follow two-step directions
  • React with appropriate behaviors to simple questions

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills

Speaking & Listening

  • Follow three-step directions
  • Respond to simple questions with appropriate behaviors and comments
  • Comment on the topic of conversation and ask questions

Required Materials

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Cookie Dough

*Toy Dinosaurs - Small

Step #1
Wash your hands.
While I’m sure all of you are clean individuals who did not need this instruction, our Lil’s are not. I include this instruction as a reminder to teach our Lil’ the importance of washing our hands and self-care. Rea picked her nose while we were putting the dough on the cookie sheet and we had to of course stop what we were doing and go re-wash our hands before we could continue. And then we had a mini reminder lesson on cleanliness…
Step #2
Make your favorite cookie dough.
This is where you have the opportunity to teach about measurements, mixing, and cooking. However, you can also do this with a baking mix or break and bake cookies.
Step #3
Bake your cookies according to the recipes instructions.
Step #4
When your cookies are done take them out of the oven and immediately press your dinosaurs into the cookie to create an imprint.
We put our cookies on parchment paper so we could easily lift the paper off the baking sheet and Rea could place the dinosaurs on the cookies without risking her getting a burn. You could get the same effect by putting them on a cooling rack or a plate.
Leave your dinosaurs in the cookies until they are completely cool for the best imprint results.
Step #5
Remove the dinosaurs and admire your dinosaur fossil cookies. You can take a closer look at the imprints using your magnifying glass.
Step #6

And of course make sure you take the time to enjoy eating your awesome cookies!


What did you think of this activity? Did your Lil’ enjoy baking with you? I know Rea does and now she asks to cook dinner with me almost every night. Let us know what you think of life skill lessons like these and of course, share on Pinterest and other social media!