Rea has a memory game on her tablet that uses different animals. When she first started playing this game she really didn’t know what was happening. She was just touching different cards and watching the reaction and then one day it clicked. Now when she starts to play the game, I can see her brain working, thinking, and I see how much easier it gets each time she makes a match.
With that said, I’ve been inspired by her electronic version to create a paper version of her memory game using our friendly dinosaurs.
This activity is a great way to engage your child in problem-solving skills and teach them to pay attention to details.
Grab a copy of our FREE Dinosaur Memory game template HERE!

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Engage in problem solving activities

Required Materials

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Dinosaur Memory Template

*Construction Paper



Step #1
Print a copy of our Dinosaur Memory game template.
Step #2
Glue a piece of construction paper to the back of the memory game template. This keeps your paper from being too thin and ultimately see through.
Step #3
Cut out the Dinosaur Memory Game template.
Step #4
Lay out the cards facedown so you see the construction paper in a grid like pattern.
Step #5
Flip over two cards to see if you’ve made a match.
  • If you made a match pull them out and put them to the side.
  • If you did not make a match flip them back over and try again.

Teacher Tip

Start by only laying out three pairs, so a total of six cards. You want to make sure that your Lil’ truly understands the concept and isn’t just flipping cards and getting lucky. As they do better and better, add a few more sets of cards. Our template has 10 different sets for a total of 20 cards.


What did you think of this activity? Let us know. Did you ever see your child have that “ah ha” moment as they began to understand this game or as they flipped over a card and instantly knew where the match was? Let us know and be sure to share on social media.