Our Counting Sheep activity will work on two skills at once. First, we will be working on counting. Second, our Lil’ Explorers will work on the concept of who has more and our Lil’ Creators will work on both more and less.
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Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills

Algebraic Thinking

  • Count from 0-10 (1-8)
  • Understand values of numbers 0-10 (1-8)


  • Compare two sets using the terms more, less, or same as

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills

Algebraic Thinking

  • Count from 0-20 (1-8)
  • Understand values of numbers 0-20 (1-8)


  • Compare 3 sets using the terms more, less, same as, equal to, most and least

Required Materials

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*Y is for Yarn Template


Step #1
Print and cut out our Counting Sheep Template.
Step #2
Place a number card on each circle.
Step #3

Place the corresponding number of sheep under the numbers.

Step #4
Ask your Lil’ to compare which number has more (and less).
Step #5

Continue this process multiple times.

Teacher Tip

If the concept of identifying more or less is too difficult for your Lil’, that’s totally fine scrap that part of the lesson and just work on counting, number recognition, and number values.


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