Our Lil’ Creators have been working on learning both capital and lowercase letters over the last few months and it’s important that they realize that capital and lowercase letters represent the same sound.
The first step to teaching the idea of two different symbols meaning the same thing is to teach matching the symbols so that your Lil’ begins to realize that they go together and are the same.
With that said, today’s lesson is matching this month’s focus letters.
Grab a FREE copy of the Community Helpers Letter Matching Template HERE.

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and most sounds (L, P, O, B, F, G)
  • Can identify all lowercase letters and some sounds (l, p, o, b, f, g)

Required Materials

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My Community Letter Matching Template


Step #1
Print and cut out the Community Helpers Letter Matching Template.
Step #2
Lay out the capital letters on the left side of a table and lower case letters on the right side.
Step #3
Invite your Lil’ to match the uppercase letter to its corresponding lowercase letter.

Teacher Tip

If this is too challenging for your Lil’, do this activity in sets to reduce the number of letters that they are focusing on each time.


If it’s too easy, mix up the lowercase and capital letters so that it’s not as obvious you’re picking one letter from each side of the aisle.


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