We’ve had so many new readers over the last two months (YAY) that I wanted to take the opportunity to re-introduce what concepts about print means.
Concepts about print are the essential skills about text that a child needs before they can learn to read.
These skills include:
Holding books right side up
Understanding that pages turn from right to left
Understanding that text reads from left to right
Understanding that text reads from top to bottom
Understanding that text is written by someone
Understanding that the words hold meaning
Understanding the return sweep (meaning you read left to right and then go down to the next line and read left to right again)
Teaching your child to read before teaching them these concepts about print is like trying to teach them to run before you’ve taught them to walk. Your child needs to understand the direction in which they need to read a text before they can try to read it.
Here’s the best part: concepts about print are super easy to teach and often happen naturally as long as you read frequently with your Lil’ using specific strategies that I’m here to share with you.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Concepts About Print

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Concepts About Print

Required Materials

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Step #1
This month we’re going to focus again on the directionality of a book, meaning that we turn the pages of a book from right to left.
When you’re reading to your Lil’, encourage them to turn the pages of the book for you. This will help teach them that the pages go from right to left instead of going in whatever order they feel.

Teacher Tip

If your Lil’ is anything like mine, they will get really excited about turning the pages, so to avoid ripping books I often slide my finger behind the page that I’m reading which allows me to hold back all the other pages while Rea turns the page that we just finished. I do this little slide as soon as I finish the text on that page and that is her silent cue that it is time to turn the page.


Y’all it is that simple. Teaching your child this concept about print is truly as simple as reading to them and allowing them to turn the pages while you read. Let us know what you think of this reading tip and be sure to let us know if your Lil’ is enjoying being the official page turner.