When I was doing my research on our five kindergarten skills and following directions, I found following direction activities similar to the one I’m sharing with you today. They were commonly used by speech language pathologists which I love because I’ve always felt that our specialists and social educators have the super secret tools that us regular teachers don’t know about. They typically have fewer students and can work more one on one with students and their specific needs. Although, that could just be me idealizing the job of our specialists and special educators.
This activity helps your Lil’ work on following directions as well as identifying their colors and paying attention to details.
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Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills

Speaking & Listening

  • Follow two-step directions

Adult Interactions

  • Follow directions given by a familiar adult

Visual Arts

  • Identify basic colors

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills

Speaking and Listening

  • Follow three-step directions

Adult Interactions

  • Follow directions given by an adult

Visual Arts

  • Identify basic colors

Required Materials

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Build-A-Train Template - Lil' Explorers

Build-A-Train Template - Lil' Creators

Step #1
Print out the Build-A-Train: Following Directions template.
Step #2
Cut out each of the trains
Step #3
Read the first set of directions to your child making sure to read one step at a time and give your child the opportunity to complete that step before you give the next step.
*If your Lil’ is easily completing this task try giving them two steps at a time.
Step #4
Repeat step three for the second set of directions.
*If you’d like you can extend this activity by creating your own set of instructions or by allowing your Lil’ to give you a set of instructions.

Teacher Tip

Our Lil’ Creators have an additional challenge in their instructions as their directions are specific about whether to use the train with the coal or the train with the window. However, our Lil’ Explorers have the freedom to use either train as long as they pick the correct color.


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