Story stones are a simple and fun way to work on recalling details from a story.
As soon as Rea saw the template for this activity, she started telling me the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? which just made my heart melt.
She liked re-telling the story even more when she had props (story stones.)
Grab a FREE copy of the template in the Required Materials section below.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Interact with and recall details from a text that was read aloud

Fine Motor Skills

  • Coordinating the use of arms, hands, and fingers together to manipulate objects with increasing accuracy
  • Engage in activities that require hand-eye coordination

Required Materials

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear Story Stones Template

*River Rocks



*Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Step #1
Print and cut out the Brown Bear, Brown Bear Story Stones Template.
Step #2
Glue each animal to a rock.
Step #3
Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and have your Lil’ select the animals based on the corresponding pages.

For instance, on the red bird page they will select the red bird rock.

Step #4
When you have finished, invite your Lil’ to retell the story using only the stones.

Teacher Tip

This activity works on your Lil’s ability to pull information out of a text as well as their ability to recall details from a story using minimal suggestions.

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