Zoo Theme Activities for Preschoolers

Zoo Theme Activities for Preschoolers

We love the zoo and animals, so zoo themed preschool activities are right up our alley. I have told my mom a few times that I am not sure what my kids are going to do with all their farm and animal knowledge but they really love learning about it so I continue to teach it.

I also make sure to tie in some language, math, and STEM skills because I do know what my kids will do with that knowledge. This unit has been so much fun to write and complete. Rea and D loved every animal activity and I know your preschoolers will too. Many of these activities are good for the whole family, so whether you have older or younger siblings, all your kiddos can join in.

Our zoo theme preschool activites unit includes over 40+ zoo activities for preschoolers that will keep your preschooler busy and prepare them for kindergarten.

What is Inside the Unit?

Literacy Activites

  • 3 Name Activities
  • 5 Letter Activities
  • 9 Alphabet Crafts
  • 3 Sight Word Activities
  • Book Recommendations
  • Reading Guide for Planting a Rainbow

Math Activites

  • 3 Number Activities
  • 1 Pattern Activity
  • 3 Shape Activities
  • 3 Sorting Activities

STEM, Art, Sensory, & Motor Skills Activities

  • 3 STEM Activities
  • 8 Art Activities
  • 2 Sensory Activities
  • 2 Motor Skills Activities

Zoo Preschool Theme Lesson Bundle

You can get the entire zoo themed preschool activities unit here.

Check out some of the free activities from this unit here…

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