Superhero Theme Preschool Activities

Superhero Theme Preschool Activities

This month is all about Superheroes!
I am SO excited about the activities for this month because we were able to incorporate so much movement for all those ready-to-move Lil’s! We are normally very craft heavy, which I love, but I think this month we have reached a better balance of crafts and movement while still learning about letters, numbers, shapes, and measurement.
Grab your Superhero Calendar below!

Lil’ Explorers Calendar

Lil’ Creators Calendar

Required Materials

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So this month, I’m doing something a little different. Instead of giving you a huge list of supplies at the beginning of the month, I’m just going to give you a few of the specialty items you’ll need to complete most of this month’s lessons. The rest of the supplies are everyday items that you can grab while you’re out grocery shopping. So, with that, be sure to order these few specialty items before we kick off this month’s Superhero-themed lessons!

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*Superhero Action Figures

*Superhero Stickers

*Ten rules of being a superhero

Pro Superhero Bundle

This is the free version that includes only some of the lessons in our Superhero bundle. Get full access for just $9.95!