Space Preschool Activities

Space Preschool Activities

Are you interested in space themed preschool activities. We are blasting off into outer space as we learn, play, and create. My focus for this unit was on having a good balance between the academic learning through play AND the arts, sensory bins, and STEM activities. My hope with this is to meet all of your preschooler’s learning needs and to really teach the whole child.

Literacy skills covered: letter identification, beginning sounds, handwriting, EDITABLE name activites, EDITABLE sight word activites.

Math skills covered: one to one correspondence, counting, number identification, 2D shapes, and patterns.

Each activity includes a detailed lesson plan with tips to help you complete the activity or give to a parent volunteer or sub with confidence. These space preschool activities are great to use during center activities or small group instruction. This space unit is designed for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten.

Check out some of the learning activities below.

Literacy Activities

  • Book Recommendations
  • Focus Book & Reading Strategies – Your Alien
  • Your Alien Story Sticks
  • Space Letter Practice Pages
  • C is for Constellation
  • S is for Star
  • M is for Moon
  • R is for Rocket
  • A is for Astronaut
  • P is for Planet
  • T is for Telescope
  • E is for Earth
  • Moon Rock Letter Matching
  • Build a Solar System Name Activity (Editable)
  • Constellation Name Activity
  • Rocket Name Activity (Editable)
  • Shooting Star Sight Words (Editable)
  • Meteor Shower Sight Words (Editable)
  • Rocket Beginning Sound Match
  • Alien Letter Matching
  • Alien Hunt (Following Directions)
  • Shooting Star Directionality (Concept About Print)


• 3, 2, 1… Counting Rocket

• Alien Eyes

• Build A Galaxy

• Shooting Star Number Recognition

• Shape Rocket

• Shape Solar System

• Constellation Shapes

• Moon Dough Shapes

• Planet Sorting

• Star Color Sorting

• Star Bead Patterns

• Rocket Calendar


• Planet Story Stones

• Astronaut Helmet

• Space Pretend Play

• Muffin Tin Planets

• Solar System on a Stick

• Galaxy Print

• Astronaut Portraits

• Alien Craft

• Sticky Rocket

• Space Collage


• Bottle Rocket

• Build a Rocket

• Build a Telescope

• Space Sensory Bin

Motor Skills

• Moon Rock Smashing

• Galaxy Dough

• Saturn’s Ring Threading

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