S is for Stars

S is for Stars

Stars, stars, and more stars. While Rea certainly knew what stars were and where they “live,” we’ve never really brought her outside and looked at them. This is partly because we live in the city where it’s difficult to see them at night, and also because her bed time is at 8, so there’s still some sun out by the time she’s asleep. However, since starting this unit she has been really excited to learn about the stars and see them, so we stayed up late one night (8:30) and I let her see the stars come out.

This preschool letter activity works on identifying and writing the letter S and the sound it makes.

Grab a FREE copy of the template in the Required Materials section below.

Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and most sounds (S)

Fine Motor

  • Coordinate the use of hands, wrists, and fingers to complete tasks that require more precise movements
  • Engage in activities that require hand-eye coordination with increasing accuracy

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Print and cut out the S is for Stars Template.Glue the stars to the S. Trace over the Ss on the label, S is for Star.

If you are doing the cutting for your preschoolers, I recommend cutting the paper into strips, layering, and cutting 3 pieces of paper at a time to cut down on your cutting time.

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