Pumpkin Name Activity

Pumpkin Name Activity

This editable name activity is the perfect way to get your preschooler to practice writing and spelling their name. 

I first created this pumpkin name activity when my daughter Reagan was 3, we drove past the farm with a pumpkin patch every day to get to the park and every time Rea told me about all the people we need to buy a pumpkin for.
We are a little pumpkin obsessed over here, so a pumpkin activity is the perfect way to practice our name.

Grab a copy of the template HERE.

Focus Skills:


  • Recognizes name
  • Identify the letters in name
  • Writing letters in name


    Activity Directions:

    1. Print and cut out the Pumpkin Name Template.
    2. Write your preschooler's name on the pumpkins, putting only one letter on each pumpkin or type your child’s name before printing so your preschooler can trace the letters.
    3. Invite your child to find/trace each letter in order and glue it to the page with the barrel.