Preschool Farm Theme

Preschool Farm Theme

We will be learning all about the farm with our hands-on preschool farm theme. This theme is perfect any time of year, but it also fits in perfectly with the fall, while still being 100% evergreen.

This month i have a challenge for you, I encourage you to embrace the STEM and art activities. It is often that we focus on literacy and math and while those are super important, there is plenty of time to build those skills (please don’t think that I have left those skills out of this unit, they are in there). However, your children are only little once and there will come a time when art and sensory activities are not prioritized so let embrace it now and encourage them to engage in as much hands-on play as they can.

And for the record, we can work on embracing it together because far too often you will hear me say, “Don’t do that, it will make a mess.” I have been working really hard to embrace the messy play for the last few months. And truth be told I have begun to actually enjoy it. It is certainly when my kids are their happiest and I have had many laughs watching them play.

Rea, D, and I had a lot of fun completing this unit and I can’t wait to share with you!

What is Inside the Unit?

Literacy Activites

  • 3 Name Activities
  • 4 Letter Activities
  • 12 Alphabet Crafts
  • 2 Sight Word Activities
  • 3 Writing Activities
  • Book Recommendations
  • Reading Guide for Big Red Barn

Math Activities

  • 7 Number Activities
  • 2 Pattern Activities
  • 3 Shape Activities

STEM, Art, Sensory, & Motor Skills Activites

  • 5 STEM Activities
  • 9 Art Activities
  • 2 Sensory Activities
  • 1 Motor Skills Activity

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