Preschool Human Body Sensory Bin

Preschool Human Body Sensory Bin

I want to share with you this preschool human body sensory bin, which sound so weird when I type that. Playing and interacting with books makes them more memorable and exciting for kids. We are going to create a sensory bin for the book Parts by Tedd Arnold as we read it a second time.

Sensory bins are always exciting and fun to play with. Connecting it to the book will help our preschoolers comprehend the book better because they will be dissecting the parts of the book, recalling the details, and making connections.

Essentially with this sensory bin our preschoolers are working on two major comprehension skills, recalling details and making connections, in a hands-on and approachable way.

Focus Skills


  • Recall details from a text that was read aloud
  • Make personal connection to text


  • Use 5-senses to make observations

Required Materials

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Parts by Tedd Arnold

*Sensory Bin




Dried Beans

dried beans

*Cotton Balls

*Googley eyes

Step #1
Begin reading the book Parts.
Step #2
As you read the book, add the following parts to the sensory bin.

Be sure that you add them when they are referenced in the book.

  • Yarn – Hair
  • Cotton Balls – Stuffing
  • Cheerios/ Corn Flakes – Skin
  • Beans – (brains/boogers)
  • Beans – Teeth
  • Googly Eyes – Eyes

Teacher Tip

We used a party tray (from the Dollar Tree) to hold and organize our materials before adding our parts to the sensory bin.

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