Human Body Theme Preschool Activities - Calendar and Supplies

Human Body Theme Preschool Activities - Calendar and Supplies

This month we are introducing our Human Body theme. Our preschoolers are curious about themselves and their bodies. Their bodies are quite amazing and have so many awesome parts and functions that it’s only natural to want to learn more about themselves. This preschool unit will encourage your preschooler to learn about the different body parts and systems that help them grow and move. They will explore, move, create, and observe as they build models, engage in STEM, and of course, learn letters and numbers in a fun hands-on way.
We genuinely had a ton of fun with this unit and both Rea and D now know a lot more about their body parts and functions. They now understand the importance of taking care of their body so they can grow strong and healthy.

Grab your Human Body Theme Calendar below!

Lil’ Explorers Calendar

Lil’ Creators Calendar

Recommended Special Items

*Butcher Paper


Human Body Lesson Bundle

Want instant access to ALL this month’s lessons in a neat and organized PDF?

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