Giant Shape Footprints

Giant Shape Footprints


The giant from Jack and the Beanstalk has some giant footprints and we made a shape scavenger hunt with those footprints. My kids love anything that gets them moving. While they are all for the art projects, whenever I have an activity that involves them running around the playroom, they get super excited and are instantly ready to play.

For this preschool activity we will be working on shape identification and matching while we walk through the giant footprints that our giant from Jack and the Beanstalk made.


Focus Skills


  • Identify common 2-dimensional shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, heart, star, circle, semi-circle, oval, diamond

Gross Motor Skills

  • Use locomotor skills with balance in a variety of directions and changing directions during active play
  • Use locomotor skills with coordination in a variety of directions and changing directions during active play



  1. Print and cut out the Giant Footprint Shapes Template. We printed ours on green and red construction paper.
  2. Tape the footprints to the floor.Invite your preschoolers to match the shapes to the correct footprint.

Conversation is KEY. Be sure to talk about what each material represents (lungs, esophagus/throat, mouth, and nose). Make predications of what will happen when you breathe into the straws and what will happen when you suck the air out. Connect this model to their body. Have your preschooler take a deep breath and focus on filling their lungs with air, then have them blow out and feel their lungs deflate. Models are a fabulous teaching tool, but the conversation is what makes them effective.


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