Fall Shape Trees

Fall Shape Trees


Fall activities for your preschoolers are here. We are going to we going to learn about the following shapes squares, circles, and triangles as we make some fall inspired trees.
This is a fun craft that will help your preschooler work on sorting and shapes at the same time.


Focus Skills


  • Identify common 2-dimensional shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, heart, star, circle, semi-circle, oval, diamond


  • Sort objects based on two characteristics; size, color, shape, texture, or weight

Visual Arts

  • Use a variety of visual art materials (paint, markers, crayons, clay) with minimal adult assistance
  • Use visual arts to represent people, places, and things, with accuracy and detail
  • Explore the use of materials in a variety of different ways

Required Materials

  • Fall Shape Tress Template
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Print out our Fall Shape Tree template.
  2. Cut tissue paper into square, circle, and triangle pieces.
  3. I cut my tissue paper in half multiple times to get about 20 small pieces of paper. Then, I cut the shapes out of multiple pieces at a time.
  4. Lay out the three shaped trees as well as the tissue paper leaves (shapes).
  5. Glue the tissue paper leaves onto the correct shape tree.