Dot Sticker Flower - Letter Worksheet for Preschool

Dot Sticker Flower - Letter Worksheet for Preschool

Letter worksheets for preschoolers are not exactly what I had in mind when I started teaching and they certainly are not what I thought of when I started this blog. I want alphabet activities for preschoolers to be fun and engaging and worksheets are not that. But as moms and teachers sometimes we are looking for an activity that we can just print and go and that is when a letter worksheet starts sounding pretty good for your preschooler.

But there are ways to take the boring alphabet worksheet for pre-kindergartener and make it a little more fun and hands-on. Susie over at Busy Toddler taught me just how fantastic dot stickers can be. She uses them for basically everything and has inspired me to do exactly the same. Many alphabet worksheets can easily be transformed into an engaging activity with help from some simple dot stickers. Let me show you how with my Dot Sticker Flowers – Alphabet Worksheet for Preschoolers.

Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and some sounds
  • Can identify lowercase letters and some sounds

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Print the Dot Sticker Flower letter worksheet for preschoolers.

Write the letters on the dot stickers.

Match the dot stickers to the flowers based on the letters.

To make life a little easier on you I have put all of this in a printable PDF lesson plan.

You can adjust this activity to meet your child’s needs. You can match the letters capital to capital or capital to lowercase.

This activity is right out of our garden theme unit which includes another several letter activities that are engaging, hands-on, and fun. The unit also includes literacy activities, number and shape activities, art, sensory, and STEM activities to keep you and your kiddos learning through play.

You can see more about the unit here or you can go and buy it here.