Dinosaur Silhouette

Dinosaur Silhouette


This is my favorite project so far! it just creates such BEAUTIFUL art!
I did this activity side by side with Rea and we both loved doing it together.
This activity is an opportunity to be creative, talk about colors, mix colors, and work on cutting skills for our preschoolers. 
I have included three different dinosaur silhouettes in our template for you to choose from.
Grab a FREE copy of the template in the Required Materials section below.


Focus Skills

Visual Art

  • Explore the use of materials in a variety of different ways
  • Identify different visual art materials
  • Identify basic colors and understand that you can combine colors to make new colors


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Print and cut out our Dinosaur Silhouette.
I HIGHLY recommend printing it on black construction paper. The black silhouette makes such a dramatic effect.


Use watercolors to paint a white piece of paper.

Glue the dinosaur silhouette to the painted paper.

Watercolors are a wonderful way to explore mixing colors. They bleed so much allowing you to mix colors. Talk about this with your preschooler and explore mixing colors and creating new colors.


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