Dinosaur Preschool Activities

Dinosaur Preschool Activities

These dinosaur preschool activities were so much fun to create and use with my crew. Derek is obsessed with dinosaurs and I knew that I could hook his insterest in any topic if I include dinosaurs. If you have any dinosaur lovers in your group, they will surely love these preschool activities too.

Our dinosaur theme includes all the elements of learning.Your preschooler will practice literacy, numbers, shapes, their name, sight words, art, and STEM as they engage in this preschool theme.

Our dinosaur theme preschool activites include over 50 dinosaur activities for preschoolers that will keep your preschooler busy and prepare them for kindergarten.

What is Inside the Unit?

Literacy Activites

  • 4 Name Activities (editable)
  • 4 Letter Activities
  • 5 Alphabet Crafts
  • 2 Sight Word Activities (editable)
  • Book Recommendations
  • Reading Guide for Planting a Rainbow

Math Activites

  • 4 Number Activities
  • 1 Pattern Activities
  • 2 Shape Activities
  • 1 Separating Numbers Activities
  • 1 Sorting Activity

STEM, Art, Sensory, & Motor Skills Activites

  • 7 STEM Activities
  • 3 Art Activities
  • 3 Sensory Activities
  • 2 Motor Skills Activities

Dinosaur Preschool Theme Lesson Bundle

40+ dinosaur activities

If you would like to try a few of our dinosaur preschool activities check out these posts.

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