Unicorn Play Dough

Unicorn Play Dough


Our unicorn play dough kits are here. I am so excited to share these play dough kits with you. My kids have been testing them out for over a week now and they are still going strong. There is a ton of magical play dough making happening in our house and I cannot wait for you to join in the unicorn play dough fun.

Now, you know I can’t shake the teacher in me, so I have come up with some engaging activities and prompts for you to try as you are playing with this kit. I always believe that we should start using these kits with zero expectations. Just let our kids open their play dough kit and let their imagination take over. This is when the magical learning and play happens. But if your child is having a hard time getting started or you’re looking for a way to extend their play I have you covered.

This post contains a few book recommendations to accompany your unicorn kit, some unicorn activity prompts, and our favorite Build A Unicorn activity.

So, before we get to the fun play dough activities, let’s first talk about what comes in the unicorn play dough kit.

Each play dough set contains:

  • 3 different colored scented doughs
  • 2 unicorn figurines
  • 1 unicorn cookie cutter
  • jewels
  • rainbow beads
  • gemstones
  • pipe cleaners
  • and a set of rainbow and unicorn buttons
Unicorn Book Recommendations

I am always a fan of connecting play activities like play dough and literacy. There are three unicorn books that we have enjoyed and I think you will enjoy too. You can read these books before, during, or after your child plays with their unicorn play dough set in order to make connections to books and bring the books to life.

That’s Not My Unicorn by Fiona Watt

Picture of That's Not My Unicorn

This is part of a board book series. Each book is titled “That’s Not My ______”. This one is about unicorns and it explores different textures and parts of a unicorn as it is a touch and feel book. My kids love the repetitive text in this book and the love getting to touch the different textures. This is a great book for younger kids as it is a board book and it has minimal plot making it easy to follow.

Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey

Thelma the Unicorn is a tremendous book to teach your child about the importance of being themselves. Thelma’s wish of becoming a famous unicorn is granted, but shortly after receiving her wish, she realizes that life is better when she is just Thelma.

You Don’t Want a Unicorn by Ame Dyckman

This is a book that is sure to make you laugh. If you have a unicorn loving child who thinks that a unicorn would make an amazing addition to your family, this book is fantastic. It points out, in a quite comical way, a unicorn just might not make the best pet.

Unicorn Play Dough Prompts

If your child is struggling to get started with their kit, I have a few play dough activity prompts that might get their imagination flowing.

  • Can you build a rainbow for the unicorn to play on?
  • Can you thread the beads on the pipe cleaners?
  • Can you make a home for the unicorn?
  • Can you build a unicorn horn?
  • How many gems can you fit on the unicorn?

These prompts are all great ways to get started, once your child has started playing with the unicorn kit organically, allow them to continue with their own imaginative play. There is no need to complete all of these play dough activity prompts in one sitting. Instead, use them as a tool to get play started, allow their way of playing take over, and save the remaining activity prompts for when they need another jump start.

Build A Unicorn Blueprints

Y’all my “Build a … ” blueprint activities has been a huge hit for a while so I decided to make one for this play dough kit. This is one of my favorite prompts because it promotes numbers and pre-reading in an activity that feels 100% like play.

My kiddos loved using the cookie cutters to make their unicorn and then decorating it with all the shiny gems, jewels, and rainbows. One of their favorite things to do is to make their own blueprint prompts which make my teacher heart explode.

The Build a Unicorn activity comes as a free download for anyone who orders a unicorn play dough kit. However, if you are not getting a play dough kit I have this counting activity available for purchase in my shop. If you would like to purchase it click here.

The unicorn play dough kit is full of magical goodness that will make your child’s heart and imagination flourish. They will love creating with this kit. And honestly so will you. I always recommend that you take the time to sit down and play play dough with your kids. Squishing that dough through your hands is amazingly therapeutic and this is such a simple way to make connections and play with your child.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you are a play dough loving family, you can read about the benefits of play dough here.