Brown Bear Color Hunt

Brown Bear Color Hunt

Want to do an easy, low prep, activity that also cleans your house and is based on a beloved literacy classic. We going to create a simple Brown Bear, Brown Bear inspired preschool activity.
This activity is going to get your preschooler moving as they search the house for toys in every color.
You can make it work to your benefit by having them gather all the toys that are hanging around your house (not where they are supposed to be.)

Focus Skills

Visual Arts

  • Identify basic colors and understand that you can combine colors to make new colors

Gross Motor Skills

  • Use locomotor skills with balance in a variety of directions and changing directions during active play
  • Use locomotor skills with coordination in a variety of directions and changing directions during active play
  • Engage in non-locomotor body movements with balance, coordination, and control (twist and bend)

Required Materials

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*Construction Paper

Colorful Toys

Step #1
Place pieces of construction paper on the floor or table.

We used brown, red, yellow, blue, purple, green, and orange.
(We skipped black and white from Brown Bear, Brow Bear What Do You See? because we didn’t have many black and white toys.)

Step #2
Send your Lil’ to go find toys in every color and sort them on the papers by color.

You can do this multiple ways.

  • Have them gather all the toys they want to sort
  • Have them go find all their brown toys, then all the red, then the yellow, etc.
  • Have them pick one toy at a time and sort it as they go

Teacher Tip

You can always adjust to make activities fit your needs. You can reduce the number of colors you’re sorting or preselect the toys your preschooler will sort if the hunt is too overwhelming.

Want to try this activity?

To make life a little easier on you I have put all of this in a printable PDF lesson plan.