If you are looking to engage your preschooler in a hands-on low prep counting activity, look no further. Preschoolers love googley eyes and glue and this activity includes both. While learning to identify numbers, values, and count your preschooler will glue googley eyes to aliens. Rea was super excited to put eyes on the aliens and she didn’t even realize that this was a math activity, which in my world is a major win.  

This preschool activity will work on numbers, counting, and value.

Focus Skills

Algebraic Thinking

  • Count from 0-20
  • Understand values of numbers 0-20

Fine Motor Skills


Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

Alien Eyes Counting Template

*Googley Eyes



Step #1

Purchase a copy of the preschool counting activity on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Step #2
Print and cut the Alien Eyes Counting Template.  
Step #3
Glue the appropriate number of eyes on to each alien.

Purchase this activity

Your preschoolers will love gluing eyes to the aliens. Grab a copy of this activity on Teachers Pay Teachers.