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What is our purpose, philosophy and programs?

our program

We are a purely online, homeschool preschool for parents who want to take control of their Lil’s early education. We offer two programs: Lil’ Explorers for children aged 2-3 and Lil’ Creators for children aged 4-5.


In our opinion, today’s preschools are moving in the wrong direction. They try to compete with each other by packing more material into their curriculums and expect their students to absorb information at a faster pace than ever before.

We here at Sandbox Academy take preschool back to its roots by easing off the gas and fostering a love of learning in our students. We do this with lessons that put a focus on hands-on activities and allow for free play and exploration of ideas. The best part? We offer all our lessons for free right here on our site!


The programs at Sandbox Academy are purposefully designed to stimulate your child’s creativity. Your child will benefit from our programs as they are introduced to and gain a strong understanding of beginning academic and social concepts. Our program is designed to use hands-on activities for about an hour per day so your child still has plenty of time for exploration and play. We strongly believe that children learn best through free exploration, but with our society’s fast paced schooling environment, it is essential our children have formal learning opportunities prior to entering kindergarten. Sandbox Academy provides the ideal combination of structured learning and unobstructed play, giving your child the tools he or she will need to succeed in kindergarten.


lil’ explorers (2-3 yrs. old)

Students of the Lil’ Explorer program are refining their understanding of previously familiarized concepts, while also being introduced to more advanced skills. Examples of learning outcomes for Lil’ Explorers include following two-step directions, understanding the values of small numbers, and engaging in problem solving activities.

lil’ creators (4-5 yrs. old)

Students of the Lil’ Creator program have a firm grasp on the basics and are ready to start mastering the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten. Learning outcomes for Lil’ Creators include using writing materials to write or draw, constructing models to represent their imagination and objects in their environment, and building tools to solve problems.