Did your Lil’ Explorer have fun painting with his hands and feet yesterday? I hope so! Today’s activity is quick and easy and honestly it is really more of an activity for you. Now hear me out, I know you are not a preschooler, but your creation of the pocket garden will be perfect for your Lil” Explorer to play pretend. Your Explorer can use their pocket garden to plant and harvest the cute little fruits and veggies they made yesterday.  

Let’s talk about pretend play. Pretend play invokes your child’s imagination and encourages them to think more creatively. When they engage in pretend play they are creating scenarios and new ideas. This allows them to explore positive and negative emotions in addition to developing innovative creations. Pretend play provides social and cognitive development and is immensely valuable in child development, so make your Lil’ their own little garden and invite them to start planting.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Engage in pretend play


  • Construct models to represent their imagination and objects in the world

Required Materials

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*Brown Construction Paper

Handprint Fruits and Veggies

Step #1

Take the brown construction paper and fold it, bringing the bottom towards the top, leaving about 2 inches at the top.

12 x 18 construction paper is preferred for this activity but 9 x 12 will work

Step #2

Glue or staple the sides creating a pocket

Step #3

Once again fold the paper, bringing the bottom towards the top, leaving about 2 inches from the top of the first pocket

Step #4

Glue or staple the sides creating a second pocket

Step #5

Now that you have created the garden your Lil’ Explorer can plant and harvest her handprint fruits and veggies

Teacher Tip

As you engage in pretend gardening with your Lil’ Explorer, discuss how some plants grow above ground and some grow below the dirt.


Let us know what you think and let us see your Lil’s playing with their garden!