What did you think of our book this month? Did your Lil’ enjoy it? I love all the vibrant colors.  

We are going to be reading this book for the second time and this time we will focus on concepts about print. Concepts about print seem like things that should come naturally, and honestly if you read to your child regularly and you add a few simple strategies, these skills will come to your child in an almost effortless way.

What are Concepts about Print?

  • Holding the book right side up
  • Reading from left to right and from top to bottom
  • Turning the page in the correct direction
  • Letters and words convey meaning
  • Books have a front and back cover
  • Books are written by an author
  • “Return Sweep” – when you finish one line you move down and begin reading left to right again

As I mentioned last week, it is important for reading to be fun. That means when you are focusing on concepts about print you only want to focus on one concept at a time so that the story continues to flow and remains enjoyable.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Concepts about print

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Concepts about print

Planting A Rainbow

Step #1

Concepts about print means you are focusing on how a book or reading material works.

As you read the book aloud to your child, focus on showing him which way the direction pages go by allowing him to turn the pages as you read.

Teacher Tip

If your Lil’ already has a strong understanding about the directionality of pages you can modify and focus on a different concept about print. (They can still turn the page if they want; I know it would be meltdown central at my house if I took over her job of turning the page).


Let me know if you have any questions about concepts about print, this is a vital pre-reading skill!